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Thread: Lug nut colour change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Teach View Post
    I listened to a race on Sirius on Saturday. It was the AC/Delco 400 at Rockingham. Two things I took away from that race when I originally watched it, and also when I listened Saturday. First off Ward Burton got his very first Cup win in the #22 Pontiac and Earnhardt was black flagged for only having only 4 lug nuts on one of his wheels. This had huge implications since Gordon was leading the points and fell a couple laps down due to an off cycle pit stop. What made this worse is Earnhardt was NOT missing a lug nut and had all 5 on. The tire changer lost a lug nut off the wheel and grabbed one he had and put it on. Problem was it was not painted yellow and matched the color of the wheel making it look like it was missing. The only time I ever saw NASCAR throw a caution for the sole purpose of giving someone their lap back because of a mistake they made. I don't believe RCR ever put a non-yellow lug nut on a race car after that.
    I don't remember the year or driver, but they did the same thing years later in a Busch Series race.

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    The new cars with the yellow lugnuts do look great. Thank you for the change Lionel.
    "Bent fenders, hurt feelings... I love It." - Kevin Harvick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlap View Post
    The new cars with the yellow lugnuts do look great. Thank you for the change Lionel.
    Agreed. Noticed that on the two recent Harvick wins posted in new releases

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