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Thread: Do we have any jets fans?

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    I have been a JETS fan since the AFL and the white ball. No one can take away Superbowl #3.
    We dont get one ounce of respect ( at times I see why), but I am a Giants fan also.
    Living in Houston only makes it worse,
    but then again I am a fan of any team playing the Cowboyz

    J E T S.... JETS...JETS....JETS
    God and Guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nascar24 View Post
    I'm a Giants & Bears fan too, especially when they play the Cowboys.., well, the truth is, I'm actually a fan of any team when they play the Cowboys... Lol.
    right on !
    God and Guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by jschneider8166 View Post
    They can't be worse than my beloved Bears this year. All the talk of starting to see some real turnaround this year and so far it's resulted in a bunch of injuries and horrible play on both sides of the ball. If the preseason is any indicator, it's gonna be a long season for me.
    I don't feel sorry for either of you. I'm a Jaguar diehard. Try to cheer for this team and you will find yourself questioning why you even like sports. That being said, "Go Jags!"

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    Ditto for me... Bills fan here.. it's been rough

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