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Thread: Nicaragua Mission Trip

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    Nicaragua Mission Trip

    Last year I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip and I had folks tell me they wished I would have said something on this forum as they would have liked to help donate items. My trip is July 5th through the 14th. (less than a month!!!)

    If you would like to donate any items you can PM me for my address. Or if you want to make a monetary donation you can do that as well and everything I get I will go to the dollar store and buy as much as possible!

    Items needed:
    Soccer balls (must be deflated) We went through 2-3 a day because they would go into areas we couldn't go or they would pop on a barb wire fence)
    Air pumps for the balls
    Soft style balls for dodge ball
    jump rope
    (This is mainly stuff to play with the kids while we are visiting villages)

    Items needed for the medical team that I am on:
    Vitamins - no gummies as they melt (boys, girls, adults, prenatal)
    anti-fungal creams
    antibiotic ointments
    muscle rub
    antacid tablets
    hand wipes
    dental floss
    $1 store reading glasses

    Toys for kids:
    stuffed animals
    nail polish and hair-bows
    matchbox cars
    crayons and coloring books
    lollipops (dum dums) - these are a huge hit!!

    I also wanted to share some pictures of my trip last year. It was hot, dirty and sweaty.....but absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I plan to go back every year. Everyone there is so appreciate and grateful for help and they are so fun to be around. I get to play games with kids all day from soccer, dodgeball, jump rope, chase/tag and more! Plus we also do salvation bracelets with them as well. Just an amazing experience.

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    Here are a few more photos.
    Name:  13626341_1463485470344971_2022818213716107774_n.jpg
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Size:  96.1 KBnotice the rcca sunglasses!
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    And the barb wire fence I was telling you about and the sewage running down the street.

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    I'd be happy to make a monetary donation. Would you pm a PayPal?

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    Don't you have enough matchbox cars at the office you can give them?

    Great thing you're doing Thomas. Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing pictures when you return.

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    Hit me up T. Will make a donaton through paypal.

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