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Thread: Kurt Busch 500 The Fix questions

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    Kurt Busch 500 The Fix questions

    it was said there are some issues with the car that will be changed on the latest episode of the fix. the proto-type does not show the super speedway window brace decals, and the back window does not have all of the braces as well. the spoiler i see on cars posted coming out still have the large incorrect spoiler. prob does not have the roof hatch decal. are these things that will be changed or can still be changed at this point? also assuming all proto's dont have the drivers side small window net? the car is a very flat paint as well, especially after the race and celebration...will it be painted that way?

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    quick question or suggestion....if the car is able to be painted flat black/red and 'dulled' up according to reference pics and whatnot and the tape is left shiny it really sets them apart and not like all that is part of the original cars decal/paint scheme. takes away from all that great damage if everything is shiny and new looking.

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    Window braces, back window brace, and roof hatches will not be added. Regarding the hatch line, this has been added to certain cars for Daytona, but in this case it will not be visible due to the confetti, so it will not be added.

    Yes, the pre-pro doesnít have the window net.
    We are still checking on the spoiler.
    Car will be glossy, not flat, we canít do half and half.
    The grass on the hood will be corrected.


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