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Thread: Display advice/suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAUSECAR View Post
    I dont have a wife so when my tire comes in i am safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Yankee View Post
    Here is an update to the tire saga: The tire technically made it inside the house if you count the garage as being "inside". That's as far as its going right now. I will wait until my wife visits her parents before I become bold and try to get the tire inside so it can be part of the family. The tire is a Dale Jr., race-used from this year's race at Dover. Here is a link to the pics:

    Stay tuned for any updates.
    Sorry, Dale Jr raced tired!! That's when the wife will understand. It's going in the house and on display Now Woman!!

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    I've got two tires in my room (one still has the wheel too!) and I get a bunch of crap from my mom about it but I like them and don't care. Coffee table is normally the joke people make when someone buys one, but I think it is a cool idea.

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    I might make this bad boy into a coffee table when it gets to me Monday, pretty excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yzerman19harvick4 View Post
    That thing totally is bada$$.
    I dont like Roadkill18 and people with 14000+ posts talk way to much. Copy n Paste B-Day wishes are insincere

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