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Thread: Just wanted to say thank you!!!

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    Just wanted to say thank you!!!

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! From everyone at Lionel we thank you! This is always a fun and great cause to do this with and you guys are always so awesome!!! Vincent Marasco Jr won the drawing! We had 295 spots taken! We then had our team captain pick a number 1 through 295 and he chose 118. Vincent Marasco Jr name was in the 118 slot. Congrats on winning one heck of an item!! Thank you for your donation! Thank you so much to all who donated. We will share our teams total and our company total in the next week or so once everything is turned in next week. Thank you to all who donated! Our company raised money toward and brought in 40,000 lbs worth of food in 2016, and 20,000 lbs in 2015! Here's to us surpassing 40,000 lbs this year!! I am truly honored to know each of you and your passion for giving toward those in need!

    All donations will go to the Cooperative Christian Ministry here in Cabarrus County.

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    Thanks for letting us share T!

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