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    Why do you offer 4 of the same 88 Axalta with 1 decal different but don't do that for other drivers? 22 Daytona was different (22 and beyond decal on back bumper), 2015 2 Michigan was different (career for vets on sides), 2 SKF, 1 Credit One, 19 ARRIS Full Orange. You offer 4 Dale Jr cars that's the same but don't offer different schemes of other drivers. It don't make any sense to me other then cause it's Dale Jr and $. I get licensing for some but 42 Credit One was offered, other 19 ARRIS was offered, idk maybe you can help me understand this. I'm sure it's annoying to other non Jr fans too. It really seems like you only care about the Jr collectors and Chase but the rest get the minimum.

    Any plans for Briscoes truck from Gateway being offered?
    Brad Keselowski Fan!

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    It's not because we favor one driver or another but the reality is, Jr demands enough support between fans, teams sponsors etc. to help cars hit MOQ. It's because of that, that we can offer most of his paint schemes. That's not always the case with other drivers, sponsors and teams.

    No plans that we are aware of at this time for the Briscoe truck.


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