Attn Forum Members:

Due to the number of MOQ and ship date questions we receive we will no longer answer these questions on our social media channels (Facebook, Forum or Twitter). You may call the call center anytime Monday thru Friday 9am until 9pm EST to have these questions answered. At times these questions take time to answer on the forum and with limited resources we have decided to funnel these questions through the call center. We will gladly answer questions related to what cars we will build, when we plan to offer, etc. however we ask all MOQ and SHIP DATE questions go through the call center. We help answer these two questions in two ways on the forums. We post "new releases" for ELITE's which tells you a car should arrive within 3-4 weeks as well as the container reports that gives you about a 30 day notice. For MOQ questions we post DNP's on the DNP Notifications thread to give you a better understanding of items that have not met MOQ. As long as an item is online the plan is to produce the car. We also believe ship dates will be better answered once the site has been updated. We plan to have this done by the first of November and ship dates (if available) will be listed on the item on the web.

Thank you for your understanding.