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Thread: What is your favorite race track in nascar

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    What is your favorite race track in nascar

    What is your favorite race track that is currently or once was a NASCAR track. For me it's Dover absolutely love it besides it being my local track and only track i hage been to. I absolutely love the layout and the fact that it's different from other tracks being concrete not asphalt. Also it's called the monster like that's freaking sick

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    Might cause a lot of hate...but like it or not the road courses have provided some of the best racing the past few years...right now they are my favorite tracks

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    In person. There is only one Bristol baby!!!

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    Martinsville Because of the Racing and The Hot Dog and its the Oldest Track in NASCAR
    Langley My NASCAR Home Track Love the Racing there the Winters havent taking a tool on it and Used to Hold Cup/Xfinty Races
    Richmond is My home Cup/Xfinty Track The Racing is the Best

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    Martinsville.. very close second is Dega!

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    Martinsville, Bristol, and I'll tell you how Talladega ranks up in a couple weeks

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    What is wrong with you all... have you never stood in the middle of the thunder Colosseum... Martinsville would be my #2. After that its road course. When you could pass plate tracks were good especially in the COT era, but they have not been as good in recent years with the tweaking NASCAR has done.

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    Dega is just awesome. You can feel the history,the museum is awesome. The racing is just cool to see 30 plus cars fly by in a huge pack, and the fans are just awesome. Where ever you sit people are just cool as hell. And will pick on ya depending your driver, but will offer you a beer just for the fun of picking. Now that the trailors are back. The auto sessions are fun,and just a great atmosphere!!

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