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Thread: I've Thought I've Seen Everything Until This Happened Today

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    I've Thought I've Seen Everything Until This Happened Today

    Today outside the Hall of Fame a few drivers had their cars parked on the street. When the TRD 2018 Promo car pulled out the driver hit a passenger SUV.
    If you think I'm crying wolf here's the video from someone there VIA Twitter:

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    Wow ... just wow

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    Saw this earlier, going to be a problem because that car is not street legal. Not street legal=no insurance. No insurance equals trouble. That's where Don comes in

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    That's crazy. To the race cars defense it has no side mirrors and was pretty much in the lane. Seems to me the driver of the SUV wasn't really looking out the windshield

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    There is no way those cars are not insured in some way.

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    Haha spotter didn't say clear!!!

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    I think the interesting thing about all this was the driver of the SUV got a ticket for negligence. I guess police were directing the traffic right there and they ignore it. I don't know if it's true or not but that's what I saw on twitter.

    Edit: The more I think about it, this could become a huge financial hit for the SUV driver. I'm no legal expert but if the police gave the ticket to them, then I would assume the police believe they were at fault for the accident as well. Their insurance will have to pay for the cost of fixing the car (which you know is going to be expensive) which will result in their insurance rates skyrocketing. Plus they will also have to pay the ticket fine and figure out how much it will cost them just to repair their car. Yikes.

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    SUV wasn't a Toyota fan I guess.

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    He hit the pace car!!!! Technically right 😉

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    And we have PRAWBLEMS

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