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Thread: Monster banner - measures

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    Monster banner - measures

    I'll probably be seen like an idiot, but ... nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    I don't want to start again the infinite debate around the Monster/Pepsi/HMS thing, I absolutely understand Pepsi's position. However, it might be seen as a pointless thing for most of the people, but concerning to me I'd like to have a diecast that matches the series' main sponsor at least.

    So, I'm aiming to recreate the windshield banner for my 1/24 HMS diecast. However, I have 2 problems:
    1. I don't have a 2017 diecast with a monster banner
    2. I won't be at home for abouth a month, so I have absolutely 0 diecast on hand

    One of my best friend has a specific printer that can print on a lot of different kind of stickers (glossy, matte, thickness, size, ...). He's running an advertisement company, so he also has a lot of different softwares for editing. I can probably create the banner on his computer and then print them. I'll just have to apply the sticker on the windshield (I'll try different option, with and without a special varnish for example).

    The thing is, I don't know the exact measures ... so could you kindly do that for me please?
    I'd like to know the exact measures for the following 6 arrows (sorry for the bad quality, the website decreases the quality...):

    Name:  Windshield.jpg
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    Also, could you tell me the length and width of the logo on the side?:

    Name:  Side logo.jpg
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    I’ll post pictures if the outcome looks great. If the result pleases you, I can probably send some of them to members that are interested

    Thanks a lot!

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    Just an FYI several of the model guys already make banners, missing contingencies, etc if you do not want to go through the hassles...

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    They also have these sheets, although you would have to have the banner already on the windshield and get yourself some chevy logos.

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    Well, thank you guys! I didn't know that, but it's perfect!

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