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What's going on with shipping?

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  • What's going on with shipping?

    I was billed and an order marked shipped on 9/6. This is for the Danica last ride auto elite. I have received no shipping information and nothing is loaded on my account online. Any idea what the hold up is on this actually leaving your facility? With this hurricane coming in, now I'm wondering if I'll see this order at all. I'm starting to feel the frustration of everyone else. I was supposed to billed last Monday and had to call to have it manually billed because the system didn't do anything.

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    I am wondering the same thing. Delivering of your product is a core business function. This should not be this bad. I have a STP LC Elite that i got shipping information for on 9/6, billed on 9/4. USPS still doesnt have the item and other items have since shipped and arrived. Their warehouse is a hot mess at this point. I know lots of us are trying to be patient but this is pretty ridiculous.


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      Exactly. I've never had issues like this from Lionel. I understand there was an issue with the system a couple weeks ago, but when I'm told they managed to get thousands of orders shipped Thursday and Friday week before last and mine should be in it, but then I have to call last Thursday for them to even bill the order, that's ridiculous.


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        I am still waiting for a car that billed on 8/20. Come on LionelRacing , what gives! Spoke to a CSE twice in the last 2 weeks, still no resolution.


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          I have a Ryan Blaney Dex Liquid Color elite that also billed 9/4 and got a shipping notification on 9/6 but the package hasnít left the warehouse. Itís frustrating seeing dealer receiving new shipments that arrived after the car I bought direct from you guys.


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            My Ryan Blaney Dex Liquid Color, Menards Pennzoil Liquid Color& Galaxy Color Elites were supposed to come in on 9/4 and start billing and shipping on 9/5 & 9/6 but still haven't been billed or shipped. Still says Pending Fulfillment


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              I am so sorry guys. When the system went down on 8/20 it backed up all the orders. We have had 6 containers come in so they are very backed up. We had to time release die-cast containers and orders to help control the flow of orders. I helped pack and ship orders yesterday from 9/5. 9/6 and 9/7 billed orders I was told will ship today and we will begin billing and shipping all orders from 9/10 to current after that. Also please remember we are faced with this hurricane on Friday so it is very possible we will be closed which we delay us again as well as all of our containers receipts that port into Charleston. If you were billed on 8/20 and haven't received your order please contact the call center ASAP and they should be able to get your order printed and shipped immediately. Again, I apologize for this delay this was just a fluke situation (we have never been this bad on shipping and I hope everyone knows this) but when the system went down it was a 3rd party system that we pay for. So we had to get them involved to help us resolve the situation. It was a mess. I have tried to be very open with those issues and how we are working through them. It's unfortunate it has just put us far behind but I really hope and think we will be back on track with billing and shipping all current orders on time next week. Just keep in mind this hurricane and weather could delay us a little more. Please feel free to contact the call center at any time and they can check into your order.