Good morning.

We'd first like to say thank you for your enthusiasm and passion towards raced-win die-cast. Please note that as always, we strive to make EVERY die-cast we can and will do what we can to get them made.

With that being said, we are politely asking that members refrain from posting questions regarding raced-wins at the beginning of each week. This request goes for all questions such as damage, confetti, autographs, etc. There is a process in determining what can/can't be done with raced-wins and we often do not know all the answers right away. If we know for sure that a raced-win is going to be offered, the car will immediately be loaded to the website following the race. If a raced-win is in question, we have to take the time to discuss internally which may take a couple business days following the race. If we know for sure that a raced-win will not be offered, we will post an update as soon as the decision has been made.

If you have suggestions/comments regarding the raced-win, we have a suggestion box where those comments are happily welcomed.

Thank you!