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    Originally posted by Biggums7 View Post

    Ralph did commentary on TNT and he was terrible.
    I felt the TNT package was bad a a whole. Didn't mind Ralph on the call.

    As I'm thinking about it, ESPN always had the best coverage. Back in the day it was the best with Bob, Benny and Ned. But even that grew a little stale. FOX pushed things and made coverage and graphics much better. But FOX had gotten stale and ESPN's new team of Bestwich, DJ, Andy Petree and the return of favorites like Dr. Jerry Punch and John Kernan made for something special. ESPN was the best coverage on TV at the time of their exit.

    I think NBC has the best format, content, and graphics. I think NBC took what FOX had done right and abandoned and gave it lots of love and new life while keeping an ESPN feel that I can't really put a finger on. Maybe it's just that Dale Jarrett is on board and I'm such a DJ fan.

    NBC's on air talent could use some tweaking. I think Jr. has been great in the booth, while at the same time not disagreeing a lot with your original comments.