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Anyone going to Sonoma?

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  • Anyone going to Sonoma?

    Hey all!

    I have a random request (which I'm in the right section for, haha!) for anyone on here who might be going to Sonoma this weekend. I have a collection of Hero Cards (one signed and one unsigned) from every Sprint Cup driver, and luckily for me, it is complete at the moment.

    However, there are two new Sprint Cup drivers racing for the first time this weekend: Dylan Lupton and Cody Ware. If anyone is going to Sonoma and can get me their hero cards, I would appreciate it a TON and I would pay good money for this. If I could get one signed and one unsigned of each it would be perfect, but if not, two unsigned of each would work as I can always send them to be signed later in SASE's.

    Anyway, I figure it's worth a shot...thanks to all on here, you are a great community that I love being a part of!