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    Hey guys. I see a few ARC cars on eBay that are Liquid Color, flash coat and other specials but I've never seen them on Lionel's site. And never seen a stealth car on their site either. Do they just sell those to their certified dealers or something? Just wondering. Thanks
    And, I Just pre ordered Chase's 2018 Hooters LC Elite will be my 1st LC Elite I ever ordered!!!
    Super pumped about getting this one!!!

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    Lionel still offers special finish elites on their site but they're done as made to order, so they'll only be on during the polling period. Also, these days the color chrome and liquid colors seem to be what makes MOQ, although sometimes the others do like flashcoat, Galaxy, etc. I think ARC's typically are made for retailers.


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      Normally, Lionel does not offer special ARC finishes on their site (although they have got some available). The dealers would normally sell the CC, LC, Flashcoat ARCs etc

      In 2018, Lionel will be offering Special Finishes for ARC.
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        Thanks, that's what I kinda thought.