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    I'm actually surprised that no one's started a thread yet, but I am sure Ghost is still drunk and everyone else is still recovering from the All-Star race. <sigh> There's another Harvick elite I'm going to have to order. Looks like Jimmy John's may have to consider leaving the sport-- they can't seem to stay out of victory lane....

    However, I must get to the main point of this thread-- the annual meet and greet at RCCA. We all know the event is really just an excuse for all of us to have a place to get together and talk about diecast (well except for you luck people who live in the Charlotte area and get to hang out all the time!). As usual, Howard and Thomas and Meredith-- I mean Alex put on a great event. Meredith did make an appearance which was one of the highlights-- it just wouldn't have seemed the same without her. The prototype auctions were crazy, and they get crazier every year. As Hollywood would say, you got to pay to play!! I walked out with a Denny Hamlin FEDEX Cares DNP prototype.

    Bill and Chase were great. Because of the weather, they were a little delayed in arriving, which delayed the meet and greet and my departure. I got 2 cars signed and my son did as well 9pictures to follow). Bill was extremely funny and personable. I Love those old school guys!!

    Of course, the best part is meeting up with everyone: (If I forget to mention you, please don't be offended), Chip, Hollywood, Ford, Gloria, Dana, Charlotte, Darin, Brian, some clown from South Florida, Don, Alan, etc. and of course Thomas and company.

    Mu son had a blast. He was so excited to meet Bill and Chase. He hasn't picked a new driver since Dale retired last year, but perhaps he'll start following Chase now. Last year the store didn't have any Dale Jr. 1/64's but this year they did and that made him extremely happy. I also picked up a couple of 1.24's and bought one of the 1/64 108-car display cases (saving the shipping alone is key!!).

    Can't wait until next year to do it all again!!!

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    Sounds good Karl. Bummed I missed everybody this year and watching Harvick win the All-Star race. I went one year too early.

    Glad your son really enjoyed himself. I think Chase is the next Dale Jr. Same tie to the history of the sport with his dad and growing up at the tacks and in victory lane. He has won the fan vote 3 years running and I suspect will win most popular driver consistently like Junior did. If your son had to pick one don't think that's a bad choice. My dad was a big Elliott fan and how I got interested in the sport many years ago.

    Pretty cool that Meredith showed up.

    I hear ya on the Harvick wins. Just wish they were better diecast for this banner year so far. He just wins everything anymore.


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      I agree Karl this for me was the best Members event so far. Meeting up with everyone like yourself, Alan, Danny, Mitch, Pat and Carl, Brandon Larson was a blast to hang out with at the members even and the track, and for the first time finally I got to meet Curtis Thompson which other than him being friends with Ford is a great guy. Six of us rented a house, Stephen (197SM) and his wife Ann, Keith Smith, Dennis Page and myself which was a blast even though we pretty much just sleep there we ran around together going to race shops the not so much highlight was staying in the house with Jeff Ford that guy is a Nut Job JK sort of lol. I cannot leave out my good buddy Ghost it was Awesome getting together again with that Nut and thankfully it did not involve a Taco Bell. it did not Hanging out or should I say pretty much drinking Thursday night at the pizza dump (Awesome food there BTW) Twin Peaks Friday night and the Thunder Iron something dive bar dump I will let Ghost fill you on in at the place lol, and of course the tradition of the 3:00 am Waffle House with Mark (Lionel Hollywood) which thankfully was moved up to around 1:30 it made the members event possible without being miserable.

      I want to thank Thomas, Howard and the entire Lionel team for a Great event I am sad one of my favorite call center girls (Sharon) could not make it though. The Awesome surprise was of course Meredith made an appearance that was so cool of her to stop by to see everyone. I had such a blast talking to all of the form members that were there so much I did not even break away to try the BBQ but by the look of how fast Ford and Ghost devoured their plate I'm sure is was good. Ford looked like a starving Doberman that hadn't ate in weeks. The silent auctions were great I will post my prize winning soon and I was super excited to get the 1/64 scale prototype in our door prize bad thingy which I prob will not show because of the pm's I might get lol, however I do want to thank the Awesome person who handed me their 1/64 scale William Byron 2017 Axalta prototype as a gift thank you so much which I do not even think he come's on the form much at all but he is all over the facebook groups.

      In close the last four days have been a blast I cannot wait until next year. I am now relaxing in my hotel until I fly out tomorrow morning hiding out from Ghost, no offense my friend but I just cannot handle anymore alcohol this week.
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        It was awesome. I had a blast meeting everyone during my first time at the event. Learned how the big boys roll at the auction table... that was something to watch. Will definitely be back next year and cant wait to see you guys at the homestead party.


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          Had a great time as always. We didn't stay for the race this year we just came to see everyone. Met lots of members and just enjoyed good company. Can't wait till next year.


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            Pictures are posted in "My Collection" thread.


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              I had a blast. Thomas and the guys/gals put on one of the best events Iíve been too. If Chase or Bill come back next year count me in!


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                Originally posted by Billfan9 View Post
                I had a blast. Thomas and the guys/gals put on one of the best events Iíve been too. If Chase or Bill come back next year count me in!
                Nice piece of auto'd metal


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                  Originally posted by Billfan9 View Post
                  I had a blast. Thomas and the guys/gals put on one of the best events Iíve been too. If Chase or Bill come back next year count me in!
                  best piece of metal i've seen in a while. Event was great as always


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                    Always a great time, and this year was no exception. One of thr best events and weekends in a while. Even though I was rushed, didnít get in until late Friday and left right after the signing. Meeting everybody, especially ghost, is always great. Of course Seeing Ford step in Brian Scarberryís puke and his reaction to doing so at the Iron Thunder was so great.
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                      The Members event. I have heard of this from members for 3 yrs. Well this year I made it there. The biggest enjoyment. People! I want to thank Thomas,Alex,and Howard,and all the Lionel employees who made it possible and put in the work.And glad to see Meredith make a guest appearance. And thank you to everyone I met,and for putting up with me,lol!! I had a ball!! To everyone of you I met,and the laughs and cutting up was awesome!
                      Finally putting faces to names I have talked to and cut up with for years,was truly the grail of my weekend.

                      The get together before the weekend Thursday was fun. Some nice cold beer,awesome pizza! And yes the laughs and fun was awesome! Everyone I met I had fun with! Sharing that table with all of you,and the laughing was almost non stop! I had a headache from laughing and citting up! The closing of it was Ford trying his hot sauce I brought him. I did warn him,haha!! Truly priceless! Dennis handled it but could tell he was uncomfortable,lol!!

                      Friday, the visit to Hendrick was awesome, went by Rousch, and finished at the R&D center. Thanks for the navigation Brian,lol!! I am sure it wasn't easy hanging with me as there is no telling what I will do or say,lol!! Picked up my sheet metal (Awesome!!). Cutting up with anyone we came across,and trying to bribe the lady at the R&D center to help Chevy was priceless.(she was having none of it,lol) But we left them laughing. Lunch was fun! with all who attended! And I even had Ford a Chase fan for all of an hour by sticking a Chase Elliott sticker on his Vette,lol!! Meeting all who attended that lunch and the laughs was truly awesome!
                      Friday night,in a descriptive was was just too **** fun!! Twin Peaks with all of you was just truly an experience that everyone should have! I feel like I was like a bouncing ball,talking to everyone I could meet. And all of you were just truly awesome!!! The beer was Ice cold,but the people were just truly what was so fun. Iron thunder,well that was an experience. Rofl!!! Singing and having an awesome buzz,is hilarious!! The group at that table were feeling no pain,lol!! And the singing well some of it was good. But us at the table that tried to sing,I am sure if there was a show "America's Worst Talent" Well we would have been front runners! I can't thank everyone enough the fun we had that night! And thanks again for putting up with me,lol!!

                      Saturday, that was sweet! Lionel great job. The BBQ was great! The people were awesome! And was so glad as said before to put names with faces! I would put a list of names up,but the list is very big. And don't want to leave anyone out! Everyone was great!! The Race that night was AWESOME! And our group that got together was freaking fun!! By the end of this night all my beer was gone,my voice was gone, Don was out of beer he gave me some of his due to at a certain time they won't serve anymore lol!! I could go into so many fun stories that I had with people but once again the list would be long and the post unending,lol!!! After a long day. Waffle house was awesome. I was truly ready for a meal and to get to bed. But even the Waffle House was so fun with all I met and talked to! More laughs and fun again! What can I say all of you I met were the grail of my visit! I just hope I didn't get too overbearing to be around with my loose personality,rofl!! Thank you all for the fun this weekend! And Lionel awesome job bringing people together over a hobby and making friendships for life!! I am a huge fan!!!
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                        I had a blast as well. Would have hung out more if my back wasn't bothering me. It was nice to see some of you again! I will be posting photos of my adds and the Chase and Bill Elliott Autos sometime next week!
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