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Why r cars so late?

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  • Why r cars so late?

    Just wondering why cars that have been listed for months and even a year still aren't shipped? What's taking so long?

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    Jr. cars and 2018 cars taking priority probably


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      Lionel tries to produce as many paint schemes, raced wins, etc as possible. That being said, somebody has to create the artwork for said car. Artwork has to be approved by the team. Lionel has to get the artwork, massage it to fit the mold, build a prototype or few, get the team to approve the prototype, and then finally produce, package, ship from the factory, receive at the warehouse, and finally get to you. Some of the approvals and artwork can take months as the art team wants to get it right, ie the Logano All-Star win from a few years ago!

      With thousands of cars being produced in various finishes and sizes, it just takes time. I'd rather wait for quality (which I know we've had issues with this season) over speed.


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        They have different factories over seas. One factory is used to produce cars that have deadlines from teams/sponsors and the other produces car without deadlines. Sometimes they don't always make 3d renders or prototypes for a cars that is produced. I'm sure the Jr cars are not helping the cause this season.


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          The switch over to 2018 spec and having to go back and forth to meet deadlines for this season probably has slowed things down also.


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            the children are on Holiday
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